Supported by the GlobalNOC at Indiana University

 Welcome to the Indiana University Enterprise GENI  Campus Trials

The Indiana University Enterprise GENI Campus Trials will explore and develop tools and procedures for integration of Openflow enabled switches into campus network operations.The trial will also conduct experimentation focused on dynamic provisioning and distributed monitoring using Openflow as a precursor to deployment into the Indiana University campus production network.

For GENI Spiral 2, the Indiana University trials will deploy a testlab that will allow testing of switch and configurations in a test environment. This will allow the development of tools for production deployment, research experimentation, and testing that could possibly be disruptive in production networks and for operators to become comfortable with Openflow and supporting software. 

Indiana University is among eight universities deploying prototype Openflow enabled networks to create a virtual laboratory for exploring future internets at scale. These prototypes will serve as a foundation for creating major opportunities for early experiments on an end-to-end suite of GENI infrastructure at a scale significantly larger than has been possible until now.

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